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The Thread Following Newsreader

What is it?

TTFN is the news and e-mail reader that was designed by Robert Orwin in 1994 for Acorn RISC OS.

Current version

The current beta version is 0.43, built on the 12th of March, 1999.

Recent changes include simple colouring of apparently quoted message text and message headers has been implemented, giving the user a more flexible choice of colour scheme that was previously limited to choosing from the 16 default WIMP colours.

One known bug accidentally introduced in 0.42 is fixed and another old but previously undiscovered fault which first surfaced in this test version should also be solved now.

If you have more memory than my total of four megabytes of RAM I have to manage with, it would be a good idea to edit !TTFN.!Run and increase the numbers next to WimpSlotcommands by a fair amount, such as 128K, in order to prevent any crashes that happen as a result of the program's malloc() heap becoming full up.

TTFN 0.43-pre-7 -- 100 Kbytes; includes program history since 0.36 onwards.

Tag lines (optional) -- 15 Kbytes; a few as collected by Rob to get you started.

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